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Hello folks. Good news! The Bad Popes new CD Rounders is now available at our online store and through CD Baby!

Our brand new CD was recorded, mixed and mastered over a two-and-a-half year period at Sit-n-Spin studios in Greenville, SC by Matt Morgan. A unique musical blend of country, rock and western swing, the lyrical content of the tunes on our third CD spans the Americana landscape, from baseball to cars to lost dogs and beer halls. 


The title of the CD refers to the game of Rounders from which the great American pastime was derived, as two of the songs on the CD have baseball themes. The song Knuckleball is a mythologized account of my grandfather, who was a pitcher in the textile leagues during the 1940’s and 50’s, while the song Sacrifice uses baseball imagery to relate a fictional account of two childhood friends who take different paths in life. 


In addition to theme of baseball, the CD has several songs on the album that are about the joyous and inspirational nature of music in general, and particularly about how music gets the body moving. The opening track on the album describes a touring band in the midwest who tune into a radio station (hence the radio tower on the back cover of the CD) between Little Rock and Oklahoma City that spins songs that get them ready for the next show. And while She Groove describes a solo dancer who goes out to the local bar to get into a little mischief, the song What You Were Made For (featuring lead vocals by guest performer Robert Goss) shines a spotlight on a man who finds his meaning in the arms of his lover on the dance floor. The song Somewhere Else references an actual bar in Greensboro, NC that was a popular nightspot in the 90’s where girls in swaying dresses and tie-dyes once danced to the music of the Blue Hill Boys. 


Musically eclectic, Rounders includes a wide swath of styles from the western swing instrumental, 308 (a reference to the car Ferrari 308 GTB), to the tongue-in-cheek blues tune That’s Why I Never Get the Blues, to the reggae-tinged Gonna Wait So Long, to the laid back, 60’s pop/surf sound of the song about the lost dog, Cry Baby. There’s even a brief, almost disco-like instrumental groove section in the song Wound Up, which begins appropriately enough with the words, “Shake it up and let’s see just what comes out.”


We hope you’ll enjoy our new CD. If you live locally in the Greenville area, you can find the new album for sale at Horizon Records on Stone Avenue. We will also have them available at our shows. Check out our schedule here, and come out and see us!


-- Jef Chandler

Town and Country Voted One of the Top 100 albums on WNCW for 2012

We were very honored that our CD Town and Country placed in the top 100 CD's on WNCW for the year 2012. Thanks to all our fans who voted, all who came out to see us play and who purchased our CD's at shows or at online at Town and Country came in at #96 overall and #13 for albums by regional artists. Looking forward to 2013. We'll be in the studio this year working on a follow up to Town and Country, and we look forward to seeing you guys at shows this year. Happy New Year Yall!

Town & Country Released!

The new CD, Town & Country, is now available for sale and dowload at CD Baby; if you're in Greenville, SC, you can also pick up a copy at Horizon Records on Stone Avenue. A big thanks to Matt Morgan for his time and work in recording the disc at Sit-n-Spin studios in Greenville. And thanks to John Keane at John Keane studios in Athens, GA for mastering. Thanks to all who've come out to see the Popes play over the years. Hope you enjoy the CD!

Two New Songs From New CD Town & Country

The new CD Town and Country is finished and mastered. Two new songs are now up on the website. Complete CD will be available for sale on CDBaby soon. Stay tuned.  Happy New Year.!

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