Jef Chandler

Jef Chandler Photo by Jay Spivey


Drawing inspiration from such disparate artists as Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, and The Beatles, Jef Chandler is an eclectic singer/songwriter from Greenville, SC, whom Mike Miller of The State in Columbia describes as a writer who records “exquisite stories told with a clarity of insight and a wry sense of humor.” A founding member of the bands Big Brown Bowl and The Bad Popes, with whom he has put out one album with each band, Chandler has released three solo albums since 1999, and he has toured the southeast over the past two decades, playing festivals and clubs. Currently finishing a second studio album with The Bad Popes and playing gigs in the Carolinas, Chandler continues to write memorable melodies and songs, many of which have found radio airplay on stations throughout the US and Europe. Of Chandler’s tunes, Genevieve Will at Indie.com remarks that they are “[strangely] successful not only in merging country, rock, down-home blues, jam and pop, but also in tailoring . . . lyrics and tone to fit individual songs’ separate styles.”