Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett Photo by Jay Spivey


Any band with good sense would thank the Lord for a mathemetician bass player with a wicked sense of humor who keeps precise time. When Chris Garrett was in high school, one of his teachers took him to multiple math competitions across the state of South Carolina. That all paid off when Chris was selected to be on the team for the state of SC at the Math Meet at Penn State University in 1990. When you see Chris playing his bass on stage these days with his signature long beard, you would never know that he didn't start playing until he was in college. According to Mr. Garrett his first sessions playing bass were at parties in college with a room full of guitarists, several drummers, and assorted other noisemakers. Chris said he would leave these sessions with his pick guard covered in blood. Since those pioneering days, Garrett has played with numerous bands, gigging across the southeastern US with his bloody pick guard sense of humor and good timing.