About the Band

About the Band Photo by Jimmy Hern

Hailing from Greenville, SC, The Bad Popes play a unique blend of rock, country and western swing.

Writing original material with topics that span the Americana landscape, from baseball to cars to lost dogs and beer halls, the Bad Popes have a little something for everyone.. 


Mike Bagwell plays pedal steel and Charles Hedgepath plays lead guitar. The rhythm section is Jef Chandler on guitar, Joe Cash on drums and Chris Garrett on bass. The five-piece have been on the music scene in the Carolinas in common musical endeavors since 2002, taking up the moniker The Bad Popes in 2008.


Having released their eponymous acoustic debut CD in 2009, the Bad Popes put out their follow up, Town and Country, in 2012. Their third recording, Rounders, was released in 2015.




The Bad Popes can be found playing clubs, street festivals, joints, locales, soirees, parties, jams and gatherings across the Carolinas.